Tuesday, May 26, 2009

see what they missed

and this is what we call thai food. genuinely hot, tasteful with multiple spices, killing you softly with the indo-chinese mood. it was an afternoon after some charity work done, giving us good excuse to indulge. most beautifully, 7 dishes cost us (4 pax including 2 tua-puis) approx 600b, + a bottle of singha..truly like the ambience - setting at a simple river bank (don't expect nice riverview, it's actually a bigger version of longkang!!) . this is the opportunity cost for a round of golf under boiling 40c sun.

not in awful series

the man in the image will be offended if i list this under my awful series : he brought me there. the catfish was crispy- but i'm expecting food, not snack. my pig-dog buddy fatty teik said all the food there was ok, but everthing is just souless : losing the essence & spirit of thai food, and this eatery named themself a thai-influnece malay food. of coures tua pui teik's statement in to insult that guy. i may go back, if happend to pass by again.

viva kaki botol

my first ever long distance race....powered by neoh & vincent....imagine a hopeless kaki botol (they called me 烂饮帮帮主)manage to complete 15km in qualifying time, and this had really inspired lots of kaki botol (like michael of CRC) to "keep walking" along the mabukland. it was a great achievement for me, and my running mate vincent grap 2 botols of beer before returning to home : salute to the genuine kaki botol!

awful series (1)

in this series i'm gonna record those eateries that match the below conditions : famous,crowded,expensive, and most importantly : the food must be lousy. this place i went was in Ampang, and it was really crowded, packed-even it was as early as 6pm. i was attracted by the thai-BBQ style set-up, made me recalled my good memories with my pig-dog buddies in Hadyai not too long ago... and i was told this big-semi open air gigantic bbq seafood outlet is operated by some Thais...shirmp below was taken up from the fried rice, and I was able to swallow only one. won't sacrifice my cholestrol intake for such a tasteless object. not easy to make a seafood tasteless, salute! and the crabs...i made it my PC wall paper due to it's mouth-watering look, and the fact is...another tasteless masterpiece. cannot be worse, especailly over-pamperd by real crabs, small, but really equipped with crab-taste, like the one in tua-pek-kong penang. another signature tasteless stuff is bbq squid (mis-associated by the indon-style cumi cumi bakar in ducking ). afterall these remarks, i'll still go back with my kakis one day: beers were super-chilled, and of course, met the expensive creteria - rm15.50 , considered pricy for such a set-up. (puchong was selling rm9.50, then incresed to rm9.70, and now rm10.20..curse you, taukeh!!)