Tuesday, May 26, 2009

awful series (1)

in this series i'm gonna record those eateries that match the below conditions : famous,crowded,expensive, and most importantly : the food must be lousy. this place i went was in Ampang, and it was really crowded, packed-even it was as early as 6pm. i was attracted by the thai-BBQ style set-up, made me recalled my good memories with my pig-dog buddies in Hadyai not too long ago... and i was told this big-semi open air gigantic bbq seafood outlet is operated by some Thais...shirmp below was taken up from the fried rice, and I was able to swallow only one. won't sacrifice my cholestrol intake for such a tasteless object. not easy to make a seafood tasteless, salute! and the crabs...i made it my PC wall paper due to it's mouth-watering look, and the fact is...another tasteless masterpiece. cannot be worse, especailly over-pamperd by real crabs, small, but really equipped with crab-taste, like the one in tua-pek-kong penang. another signature tasteless stuff is bbq squid (mis-associated by the indon-style cumi cumi bakar in ducking ). afterall these remarks, i'll still go back with my kakis one day: beers were super-chilled, and of course, met the expensive creteria - rm15.50 , considered pricy for such a set-up. (puchong was selling rm9.50, then incresed to rm9.70, and now rm10.20..curse you, taukeh!!)

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