Thursday, April 30, 2009

beerfest asia 2009

total duration about 2hrs 15 min : sampled few beers ranging from doggie style pale ale,inheart wheat hefeweizen,snake dog ipa(us), - tried that for the funny name sake, flat taste and not chilled to perfection, big no no for beer.kronenbourg 1664 (french)- tried this in vietnam before, quite good, no intention to try, but look at the photo, you should know why i was obligated.vb (aus) - my fren just wanna have some nostalgic feel : his main liquid supply during his college life in Aus wor.. erdinger weissbier(german), shouldn't had wasted my tangki for this, you can even get this in some casual beer gardens in bangkok, but is one of my favarote browns anyway ..magners (ireland)- quite like it. taste like strong bow cider but with lighter body, less complexity in palate, making it a refreshing one. sol (mexico) -the booth is next to erdinger; had too much of heavy taste beer and just eager for some light drink to wash it down, another reason is kinddda adventurous swire feel (from Mexico ma...) izze (turkey) - the only reason to try is its country of origin, never had any turkish beer before, and cheap : SGD 3..

It was an anti-climax overall , epspecially with such a grand name. My mission was supposed to complete the crawl from A-Z by countries or brands, but failed. the selection of barnds are limited, and most of the brands i've experienced in my drinking life. even got to re-fill some local tiger beer in pasar malam after that to quench my inner thirst. prior to that already had sapporo for afternoon snack, and some house brewed indian pale ale, lager and a brown beer in pump room microbrewery for warming-up session. with some 333 ( do not underestimate the name, try that and you'll be surprise) that secured from 7-11 after supper, got to call it a night to catch early flight the next day. companion was great as i sald in my face book, still enjoyed it very much. looking forward to the year end beer fest..

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