Sunday, July 11, 2010

inaugrual half

it was a mistake registered half, but a sweet one.

my honor indeed to be given a 001 elite bit,

registered under media group

just came back from a 2 day tough trip from S'pore,

and was a little worry about my perform ace

did it in 2hr 20min, was satisfied and pleased as a first timer

not many from media group participating half category,

most of them went for 3km fun run, and the max was 10km.

the only regret was should had brought kewei.

he just qualified for the youth category which is 10 years old and above.

And he turned exactly 10 today.

The organiser actually prepared a birthday cake and planned to give away the medal to him over it. Too bad he didn't turned up. Other than than this, everything seemed all right.

Made new friends, pleasant run over a minor showering rain, and most importantly,

I embarked into a longer journeof my running career ...